Weddings / Special Events

I will provide live instrumental cello music for your special event. I have
been playing for events for about 5 years now and have developed a
broad set of skills to make sure the music I bring to your
event is top notch!


I provide all of my own gear. The only thing I need is something to plug
it into!


I am classically trained, so I can read most sheet music, but my unique skill
is playing by ear, so if you have a specific song you would like to hear, I can
play it by ear to an instrumental track. The possibilities are endless!

Prices (prices may vary based on each unique event)

Up to 30 Minutes of Prelude Music: $200

1-2 Wedding Party Entry/Exit Songs: $200

2-5 Wedding Party Entry/Exit Songs: $300

Rehearsal Attendance: $100

I will COME UP with and RECORD cello parts for your next music project