Est. 1997
My story began in the small island of St. Croix, in the US Virgin Islands. Less than a year after my birth, my family packed up and moved to North Carolina when my dad joined the army. My mom joined the army shortly after, thus initiating an 18 year-long journey of various moves, new experiences, and new friends.
"That Cello Guy"
I’ve never considered myself an extraordinary musician, but I have always loved to share what I was working on with others, and everyone began knowing me as “that guy that plays the cello.” Motivated by the positive responses to my music, I started recording myself with my camera phone playing popular songs that I learned by ear. This was where I really started loving the cello.
Deciding Cello
This is perhaps the most frequent question that I get asked. “So…. Why the cello?” I wish I had a cooler, more in-depth reason behind my decision, but when it comes down to it, fifth grade Dion did not want to live in the shadow of his two older brothers who played violin, so he just decided to one-up them and pick the biggest instrument he could find. I actually tried quitting after the first year of playing, but my teacher called my mom and pleaded with her to keep at it… so I did!
Classical Training
My parents weren’t able to afford lessons, but a very kind local cellist in El Paso took me in and gave me cello lessons for 3 years, helping me to practice technical repertoire for my regional/state auditions, the local youth symphony, and for solo pieces. This training provided a strong technical foundation that allows me freely express myself in my playing to this very day.